Outdoor Painters

Outdoor Painting Group

On a lazy Saturday in July, six artists met at the Farndon Bridge to sketch and paint the surrounding countryside. One group walked to Farndon Church whilst another group ventured across the river into Holt and Wales and onto the bank of the River Dee. (Fabulous cloud formations). We were very lucky that the thunderstorms and rain stayed off until we retired to the local café in Farndon, where a good discussion ensued on all things artistic! A thoroughly good morning was enjoyed by all.

Check your email newsletter for the next scheduled meeting of the Outdoor Painting Group.

Someone will remain at the meeting site for 15 minutes to meet any late comers.  You are of course free to come and go at any time.   Keep your equipment to a minimum. You may need to bring a chair, a drink, your lunch and don’t forget your artists materials.

Membership of the Grosvenor Art Society isn’t a requirement – so bring a friend or come on your own.  All are welcome.

Any queries get in touch.