Data Protection Policy


[1] The Grosvenor Arts Society of Chester (the Society) is a members’ society managed on behalf of its members by an elected committee (the Committee).

[2] On behalf of the Society and its members the Committee has formulated and approved this Policy. It is designed to protect information (Data) provided by members and others dealing with the Society.

[3] No Data provided by members and others dealing with the Society will be shared with any third party.

[4] Data provided by members will only be retained and processed to ensure members enjoy the full benefits of membership and that the Society is properly and efficiently managed.

[5] Data provided by non-members will only be retained and processed for the purpose for which it was provided, for example, to inform the provider about exhibitions and other events held by the Society.

[6] The Committee will implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure an appropriate and proportionate level of security for the retention and processing of Data.

[7] Anyone, whether a member or other person dealing with the Society, who has provided Data has the rights, subject to ensuring the privacy of any other person’s Data, (a) to inspect the relevant record or records containing such Data, (b) to request amendments to correct established inaccuracies, and (c) to request the deletion of that Data.

[8] Data provided by members will be retained during the period of membership plus an additional period. The additional period will be 2 years to ensure the proper management of the Society.

[9] The Committee will keep the operation and implementation of this Policy under review. In the light of such reviews the Committee may make amendments to this Policy. This Policy, in its up-to-date form, will be published on the Society’s website.


Originally dated 17th September 2018

This updated version dated 6th November 2021