Featured Artist David Wildblood

David Wildblood


Society member David Wildblood was thrust into the limelight in November when his painting ‘Dominique’ – of a derelict trawler in Brittany – was chosen from his members’ gallery by the SAA for their Saturday showcase of 21st November

David is a self-taught artist, born in Stoke on Trent.

In 2002, he moved to Wales and started a pet care business. Daily association with animals inspired him to draw their portraits in graphite pencil. Friends in his local art club encouraged him to draw in colour, and he moved on to pastels (now his main medium) after seeing them in use by a local professional artist.


David also paints wildlife, mainly British birds. This is a skein of Oystercatchers flying over Cemaes Bay in Anglesey


and David’s latest painting is Sunny Vista; a view of the much-painted Talacre Beach (Point of Ayre, North Wales), one of his favourite places.