Swimming in the Surf by Maureen Preston (Autumn 2014)
Tribute by Pauline Jordon (Autumn 2014)
Moonlight on the Dee by Roy Price (Spring 2014)
Canal at Beeston by Dennis Oates (Spring 2014)
Stable Door by David Finney (Spring 2015 GAS award)
Autumn Pathway by Lesley Fisher (Spring 2015 commended)
Snow Queen by Wendy Youlton (Spring 2015 highly commended)
Langdale Pikes by John Spanton
Godstall Lane by Wendy Sutton
Eros by David Griffin
Whitby by David Griffin
Watergate Street by David Griffin
Willow by Anne Bonner
Dolgoch Gwynedd by Anne Bonner
Sunflower by Anne Bonner
Winter Sunflower by Anne Bonner
Cholmondeley geese by Angela Aspden
Chester by Angela Aspden
Chester by Angela Aspden
Chester Cathedral by Ann King
Old Dee Bridge by Ann King
Ironbridge by Julia Duerden
Cafe in Valletta by Julia Duerden
Whitby by Julia Duerden
Morning Calm, Heswell Shore by Graham Kay
Lunch at the Town Hall by David Griffin
White Pottery and Winter Berries by Margaret Ransome
Garden by Ann King
Capel Curig by Anne Bonner
Regrowth by Anne Bonner
Tulips by Leslie Fisher
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